About Us

Gifts from Under the Sea is located in Pittsburgh PA but we have individual consultants all over the US.  We Bring you premium akoya oysters. In each oyster is a beautiful one of a kind pearl. Join one of our online parties or open and discover your pearl in your own home. With many jewelry options, you can order online or host a party. Invite your friends, family, co-workers and make a night of it with one of our amazing consultants doing all the work. Each piece of jewelry ALWAYS comes with an oyster! You can always buy more oysters separate that way you can change the pearls in our Cage Jewelry. (you’re not stuck with just one like other competitors) Or have your beautiful pearl permanently mounted on to a ring, necklaces, bracelet, or maybe even earrings!

We are no longer just a pearl reveal company we are now the leading Precious and Semi Precious Gemstone Revealing Company! Of course we still have all the beautiful pearls and jewelry you know and love but now you can shop our Diamond Dive Section to reveal genuine Diamonds and Gemstones such as ruby’s, sapphires, emeralds, topaz, opals, and MUCH MUCH MORE! With each party bomb reveal you have the chance at winning a $5000 DIAMOND!! Check out all our awesome products for you to put your diamonds and gemstones in and becomes a gemstone collector with GFUTS Today.

  • You can also find us on Facebook.com/GiftsFromUnderTheSea
  • Or contact our Customer Service at (412)928-4685
Become a Pearl/Diamond Consultant
Host Parties in home, online, or both!!!
Need to make some extra $$$$
Work on your free time as much or as little as you want.
Its simple you make 25-50% of all the jewelry you sell,
65-75% of all the oyster only sales
and 35-45% of all the diamond/gemstone bombs you sell.
It doesnt stop there earn endless amounts of team lead bonuses and so much more!!
Click on the Join My Team Tab for more Info!
Host your very own Pearl Party
Invite your friends over relax, and let your consultant amaze you with all of our Great Products.
Host a LIVE Facebook Party!!
No need to dress up or clean up. You and all your friends just log onto facebook and watch our live feed. Everyone can order online and we will open their oysters for all to see. We will then ship all of the orders right to your friends and family. It is so simple and FUN.
Either away you will get awesome FREE stuff just for Hosting!!