How can I be apart of the Live Facebook Show?

First Pick your jewelry, of FB Live Game and add it to your cart. Winning a pearl, diamond or gemstone is guaranteed! Pearls range in size and can be colored white, cream, pink, purple, gold, grey, blue and black. We also have color enhanced pearls that have been dyed all different colors such as Hot Pink, Lime Green, Royal Blue, Mint. Red, Orange, Yellow and more! Once your purchase is complete you will be added to our list and we will open your oyster during the LIVE event. After the event your new pearls, diamonds, gemstones, and jewelry will be mailed out!  There is a limited number of oysters opened per LIVE event.  If we are sold out you may purchase an oyster for our next event.

How much does everything cost?

Please click on the “SHOP” tab to see the prices for our products.

Do I have to buy an oyster and a pendant?

No, ALL of our jewelry comes with a FREE oyster. We also sell oysters separately.

Do I have to buy a Party Bomb and a Locket?

If you wish to put your Gemstones into our locket jewelry then you will need to buy both as our locket jewelry does not include a party bomb they are sold separately.

How do I purchase a tray for a live show?

A Tray is 5 oysters.  We offer 5 oysters for only $80.00, go to our Oysters section to add this to your purchase making sure to choose the Open Live Option and you are good to go.

How long until I receive my order?

Shipping USPS First-Class Package.  Typically shipping takes 5 business days. We ship everyday of the week. Please allow up to 14 days for processing and shipping time on your order.

Can I track my order?

Yes, when your order is processed you will receive an email which will provide you with your USPS tracking number.  You can either click on the link provided in the email, or visit USPS.com and type in your tracking number, or type your number into a search engine and choose USPS.

Can I switch the pearl in my pendant?

Absolutely if it is a cage pendant the process is very simple and takes only a few seconds. All of our pendants open the same way.  Simply remove the chain, open the pendant from the top, remove and replace the pearl.

What kind of oysters do you use? Are they real pearls?

We’ve done extensive research and testing of oysters from many suppliers until we were confident to offer what we believe to be the very best on the market.  Our oysters are cultured and they are guaranteed to have a pearl inside each one. They are cultured Akoya oysters from Asia and yes the pearls are 100% real!

Is there a pearl in every oyster?

Yes, and sometimes twins.  Our pearls are cultured, meaning they are guaranteed to have a pearl inside.  At a young age our oysters are surgically implanted with an irritant, a very, very tiny polished sphere often the size of a grain of sand from a mussel shell and piece of mantle tissue from a donor mollusk.  As a defense mechanism againt the irritant inside it, the oyster creates a fluid to surround the irritant.  Layer upon layer this fluid, called nacre, coats the irritant to form a beautiful pearl over the course of years.

How can you guarantee Twins in the BFF Oysters?

We use cultured oysters, meaning when the oysters are very young they are stimulated to guarantee they produce a pearl. in our BFF Oysters they are stimulated twice, to make sure they produce TWO pearls! If you receive a twin in our regular oysters (not a BFF) that is just by chance that oyster produced two pearls and are very rare!

How much is my pearl or gemstone worth?

Many factors go into determining the value of a pearl.  Characteristics which define the quality of pearls include Color, Shape, Size, Luster and Surface.  Our consultants are not gemologists so they can not give you an appraisal on pearls or gemstones. Feel free to visit your local jeweler to receive a valuation.

How do I care for my pearl?

Pearls are organic gems that require special care to protect them for a long time.

-Pearls can be harmed by contact with many chemicals found in household cleaners, cosmetics, hair care products and perfumes.

-Only clean your pearl with water and mild natural soap. Anything containing vinegar, ammonia, chlorine or bleach will harm your pearls.

-Use a soft damp cloth to clean your pearl. Never use abrasive materials such as toothbrushes or scouring pads.

-Never leave your pearls around a direct source of heat.

-Since pearls are an organic material they need a little moisture so that they do not dry out. Never store them in a very dry room or in a safety deposit box.

-Only use jewelry cleaners that are labeled safe for pearls.

-Store your pearls wrapped in a soft cloth or in a pouch to protect them from abrasive objects.

-If anything is spilled or dripped onto your pearls, you can soak them in lukewarm water with a mild natural soap. Rinse and dry. Wearing your pearls will return some oils from your skin to the pearls.

-Always remove pearls when applying perfume or hairspray as both can damage the pearl.

-pH of your sweat can damage pearls so it is best to remove your pearls before exercising or undertaking in an activity that would produce sweat.

How long can I keep my oyster at home before opening it?

Your oyster will be delivered in a vacuum sealed package.  As long as the oyster remains in the vacuum sealed package it will last 6-9 months.  Once the oyster is removed from the package it should be opened immediately.  Store your unopened, sealed, oysters in a cool place.  Feel free to store them in your refrigerator or freezer.

How do I open my at home oysters

When you receive your Oyster you will be very excited to open it but we ask that you use caution as the process of opening your oyster may be dangerous.  First use scissors to cut and open the vacuum sealed package.  Remove the oyster from the package.  Break off the top portion of the oyster near the opening. Next insert an oyster knife or non-sharp knife into the opening.  Cut down on the oyster half way to open.  Be sure not to cut all the way down as you may damage the pearl.  Pull the shell open and feel around the inside of the oyster to find your pearl.

Can I eat the oysters?

No, please do not eat the oysters or pearls.  The oysters and pearls are not fit for consumption.  This includes your pets. Gifts from Under the Sea is not liable for any harm that may be caused by ingestion.

Are the Diamonds and Gemstones Real?

YES! All of our Diamonds and Gemstones are 100% real Natural Gemstones. We have nothing that is Lab Created or CZ.

What are the odds of me finding a Diamond Valued over 100$ 

1 in every 30 Diamond Bombs have a diamond valued at or over $100

How many $5000 Diamonds are there to be won?

We have ONE $5000 Value Diamond for every 50,000 Diamond or Gem Bomb